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Transformable Beds and Wardrobe Kitchen Production
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Wall Beds

Comp. Kitchens

THE COLOR space saving multifunction furniture

These are the first pictures we are receiving from our customers, coupled with our furnishing tips, learn the fundamental importance of color in the choice of the bed wall that resealable, preferably must be tone-on-tone rear wall fixing ... the use of the bed does not change but the aspect of the integration, the creation of two different environments in a single shared space Yes ..


WE ALWAYS inform our customers about the importance of the color of the convertible wall bed :
BED & WALL in the same color, the functions are the same but the aspect changes

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Disappearing bed feet put 20cm inside the bed frame. AIR !

a multi-function room for the kidINSIDE MOM&DAD's ROOM

Furniture beds and sofa bed, space-saving and folding beds.

They are made of wood, including the bed base. Resistant and simple for life, colourable at anytime.
We produce folding furniture with single bed , twin beds, double bed and extra large double bed , special pieces like the version "Fast", folding bed with two sit and a table , table bed and our sofa bed "new nině" entirely of wood including the bed base, the New Dormeuse sofa bunk bed and the Dormeuse sofa extractable bed.

Wardrobe Space-saving Kitchen of plywood

Wardrobe Kitchen complete with household appliances and quality accessories like the sink with three basins, the extractable mixer tap, the steel folding worktop with sink and induction stove. Our kitchens are closed into a wood wardrobe and have a LONG LIFE! You can choose from the littlest kitchen break office art.64 to the wardrobe kitchen 247 expandable with an unit of 60cm, 120, 150 and 180cm without size limits and household appliances. .

Live The Space Night & Day ® - rational space saving furniture

Our FIRM, MANUFACTURER of transformable beds and kitchen monoblocs, owner of the international brand Night&Day®, gives you welcome to the business site www.vivilospazio.it, where comfort and smartness are just a click away. Direct sales, advices from experts, assistance and dispatch all over the world.

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Your suggestions will help us to make the rational furniture
All our line is entirely based on the use of plywood that can be perfectly coordinated for hotel room production. Hotel supplies All inclusive Perfect setting in residential solutions, spacesaver for rooms and living rooms.'

minimal white - yellow in style - red, black and grey eclectic BUT ONLY IN WOOD
REAL WOOD with no flaws

Before we show you the models of the wardrobe kitchens produced by our firm
IT'S IMPORTANT to tell you that they can be PAINTED in whatever color you like, also coated with wall paper , in order to insert them well in every situation...

Lacquered white finish ral 9003

...Here they are, our kitchens pictured in natural wood finish, but they CAN be veneered or lacquered in whatever color... SURELY more beautiful... WE can paint or YOU can, buying them natural (it's cheaper!)

Break Office

Kitchen 94

Kitchen 125

Kitchen 154

Kitchen 184

Kitchen 186

Kitchen 216

Kitchen 246

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White wall - white transformable - THIS IS THE RULE FOR WALL BEDS

REAL WOOD with no faulty mechanisms

Before showing you our wall beds, closeable beds in every way produced by our firm Night&Day, pictured for the website in NON COLORED (natural) wood, IT' s IMPORTANT to tell you that everyone of them can be VENEERED or LACQUERED with no limits, even by yourself, by buying the BASE version.

...And here they come, the pictures of our folding beds in NATURAL WOOD, that you can VENEER or LACQUER in every color, also DIY, at the lowest price.
New Dormeuse
bunk  day bed
double day bed with extractable single bed
poltrona con letto singolo estraibile

New Nině
Chair bed convertible into a single bed
Foldaway-bed  convertible into a single bed
Convertible with hidden single bed
Consolle Double
convertible folding bed
Clothes-hanger bed
the space you needed
Wardrobe bed
Wardrobe with closable bunk beds
Suitcase Holder bed
Convertible for hotels

Single-unit kitchen provided with appliances

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